Residential REO Portfolios purchased by United Capital Companies, Inc.

    • REO portfolios purchased nationwide
    • Portfolio Values Up to $100M
    • Vacant or Occupied properties
    • Minimum purchase price $5k and up
    • 1 to 4 family units


Residential REO Portfolios offered by United Capital Companies, Inc.

    • Entire portfolios or individual properties from portfolios available
    • Sold at discounted prices
    • Properties available nationwide
    • Vacant or occupied properties
    • 1 to 4 family units
    • Please call for a list of properties available

Residential REO Properties

United Capital Companies specializes in buying and selling residential Real Estate Owned (REO) properties and portfolios across the nation. Banks provide mortgage loans to make money from the interest on that loan. When a homeowner does not repay their mortgage, banks will foreclose on a home to salvage their investment. An REO property is one that has been foreclosed upon, unsuccessfully sold at auction, and is now owned by the lending institution.

More often than not, it is beneficial for a lender to sell these REO properties in bulk rather than liquidating them one at a time. REO properties can also present investors with an opportunity to acquire real estate at below-market value. United Capital Companies works directly with financial institutions and investors nationwide in purchasing residential REO inventory. With over $2 billion in real estate transactions over the last 25 years, United Capital Companies is the nation’s premier source of residential REO properties and portfolios.

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